About Us

Cyprus-based music licensing company, established in 2005, Asteras is the only competent entity in Cyprus able to grant neighbouring rights licences for playing recorded music in public, collect remuneration (by making the relevant claims, and proceed to every judicial or extra-judicial action if necessary) and distribute the income to rights holders and performers.

Asteras licences the use of recorded music in public places, TV/radio broadcasters  and then distributes the fees to its members.

Asteras issues licences to businesses and organisations from all sectors across Cyprus for playing recorded music and/or music videos in public. These can include bars, nightclubs, shops and hotels to offices, factories, gyms, schools, universities and local authorities.

Asteras in turn ensures that its registered members who range from thousands of session musicians and emerging artists to globally successful performers- all of whom are entitled to be fairly paid for the use of their recorded music – receive the royalties they deserve for their recorded music.

Through agreements with licensing companies around the world, Asteras is also able to collect royalties for its members globally.