Entertainment Venues

In almost all cases, if you use recorded music in your business you will require an Asteras neighbouring rights music licence, regardless of the music format being played (from a radio station, TV, CDs, etc.).

As a guide price, the music licence for your luna park, water park, theater, cinema, playground, camp, bowling alley, roller skating and ice skating track, could cost from Euros 500 annually.

  • Outdoor spaces (patios, pools, etc.) 50% of the above amounts.
  • To calculate the final charge, the ratio of actual months in operation of each unit within a calender year will be taken into account (1/1 – 31/12).
  • The above amounts do not include 5%VAT

The above prices are provided for information purposes only and should act as an indication of how much a licence could cost. For an accurate cost please contact us by clicking here.