Understanding My Royalties

Asteras Collective Rights Management (Asteras) is the only competent entity authorised in Cyprus able to grant neighbouring rights licences (internationally or from Cyprus) on behalf of music performers for a range of uses of recorded music – when it is played in public or broadcast on TV, radio and certain digital media services – and distribute the income to rights holders and performers.

We represent many performers (from major names to small businesses and sole traders) and licence hundreds of businesses and broadcasters – large and small – across Cyprus.

If you’ve made an audible contribution to a recorded music track, you could be eligible for royalties. This means anybody – from singers, choir members, drummers, guitarists, and classical musicians that have contributed to a recording could be earning royalties.

To join Asteras, you have to have performed or own the rights to recorded music. Once you’ve joined Asteras as a member and registered your recordings with us- for FREE, you can start earning Asteras royalties for your performer’s rights when your recorded music is played in public or broadcast on the TV or radio.

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