Performers Rights License

Any business that plays/broadcasts recorded music or music videos in public under copyright (played in any context other than a domestic one), such as a shop, bar, office, restaurant, gym, community building, not-for-profit organisation – or activities such as dance classes – including radio or TV – is legally required under the law N 59/76 (as it has been amended) to have a licence covering neighbouring rights.

Ensuring owning the appropriate licence, is solely the responsibility of individual businesses. Although, Asteras undertakes a range of local activities to try and raise awareness of neighbouring rights licensing requirements amongst businesses, the legal requirement to obtain a licence is not affected by whether or not a business was aware.

What happens if my business plays recorded music but doesn’t get an Asteras licence?
Where a business or organisation requires a neighbouring rights licence but does not obtain one, they will be infringing copyright and may ultimately face legal proceedings.