Municipalities – Public Events

In almost all cases, if you use recorded music in your business you will require an Asteras music licence, regardleass of the music format being played (from a radio station, TV, CDs, etc.).

As a guide price, the music licence for your public event and events organised municipalities including;

  • openings, celebrations, weddings
  • Political parties, municipalities and other public and government organizations (political  rallies) other events
  • Carnival events by municipalities and other bodies
  • Carnival parades

could cost from Euros 1,000.00– 2,000.00 per event. Carnival parades cost Euros 2,000.00 per hour.

  • Outdoor spaces (patios, pools, etc.) 50% of the above amounts.
  • To calculate the final charge, the ratio of actual months in operation of each unit within a calender year will be taken into account (1/1 – 31/12).
  • The above amounts do not include 5%VAT

The above prices are provided for information purposes only and should act as an indication of how much a licence could cost. For an accurate cost please contact us by clicking here.