Shopping Mall

You require an ASTERAS music licence if you use recorded music in your business – whether you are playing music from a radio station, CDs, a TV or any other format.

The prices listed below are examples and should act as an indication of how much a licence could cost for Shopping Mall

Yearly sum paid based on the following:

 Up to 500m2  769.00
 501-1000m2  940.00
1001-1500m2 1110.00
1500m2 and above 1196.00

* The calculation of square metres takes into account only the area of the premises which is used by clients.

*For the areas that are used as restaurants, bars, shops, Beauty and Hairdressing Saloon, situated within the Shopping Mall please look at that specific business type to determine the additional cost to licence them.

* The above amounts do not include 5% VAT